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Take a length of clapboard as long as the wall is high. Hold it vertically and align one end with the butt edge of the starter course. Transfer the marks from the wall to the clapboard. This is your "story pole." 【Get Price】

Wood Siding Flashing Details at Joints & Corners

Building Siding Flashing & Finish Details for Building Corners Use overlapping 1x4s or 1x6s at outside corners or use 5/4 stock for a heavier look. Use a felt paper spline, wrapped around the corner and extending 6 inches beyond the corner board, to protect the joints where the siding meets the corner boards (see Figure 1-5 at left). 【Get Price】

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You will want to use the same fasteners you would use for installing wood trim and siding. They should be stainless steel or hot dipped galvanized and long enough to penetrate the substrate a minimum of 1-1/2”. For best results, use fasteners designed for wood trim and wood siding. 【Get Price】

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DROP SIDING is a historical type of shiplap, typically featuring a cove along the top of the board to encourage water shedding. (Square off that curve and you have channel siding.) Because it is a flat-backed siding, it easily makes the transition to interior use, unlike beveled styles, such as clapboards. 【Get Price】

Rain-Screen Walls: a Better Way to Install Siding

DETAILING A RAIN-SCREEN WALL Furring strips space the clapboards away from the wall, creating a vent space that helps to dry the back of the siding. Layered tar paper and flashings behind the furring strips create what is called a drainage plane, which alone would protect the house from water, even ifthere were no siding. This belt-and- 【Get Price】

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Plywood Siding Installation Details Plywood sidings are typically nailed directly to studs or through a layer of foam, and they provide a structural sheathing as well as an exterior finish. Most have vertical grooves to imitate vertical sidings. 【Get Price】