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Weatherboard Cladding Calculator Scale Enter Board Width, Wall Height and Overlap to calculate weatherboard cladding coverage, gauge, spacing, overlaps - best fit to wall height. 【Get Price】

Calculate how much weatherboard, flooring & decking you will need

Calculate how much weatherboard, flooring & decking you will need Use our decking, flooring or weatherboard calculator to estimate how much timber you need for your next construction project. Select your profile, size, and preferred species and complete the form as required. 【Get Price】

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We recommend that cladding is fitted by an experienced tradesperson, but before you get a quote you might like to find out approximately how much cladding you will need. Use the calculator below to find out the approximate number of cladding boards and packs required for your project. Step 1 Select the type of cladding board 【Get Price】

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So if for example you have worked out that you will need 30 lengths of cladding to do the job we would suggest that you order 33 lengths in total. Quick Calculator. Use the chart below for a quick view of how many lengths of cladding you will need for your project. 【Get Price】

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We can help- simply enter the project square meterage and we’ll do the work for you. We factor in the 30mm overlap of the planks so you don’t have to. To calculate your project square meterage, simply multiply the height and width of each external side then add all the sides together. 【Get Price】

What is the difference between cladding and weatherboard?

How do I calculate how much cladding I need? When cladding inside a gable, you should measure the length of the barge boards, multiply together and divide by two. For example a gable with barge boards 5m long would require 12.5 square metres of cladding board (5 x 5 = 25, then 25 divided by 2 = 12.5). 【Get Price】


A weatherboard is the outside cladding of a house comprising of long, thin timber boards that run vertically or horizontally and either overlap or fit together with a tongue and groove joint. Weatherboards are made from timbers such as cedar, cypress, baltic pine or hardwood. Weatherboards fitted to the outside of a building 【Get Price】