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How to Install Tub Wall Panels |

Using your measurements as a guide, cut the panels to fit in place. Apply adhesive to the back of the panel and press the it firmly on the surface of the tub. Press only with your hands. Ensure that the entire panel makes contact with the tub wall. 【Get Price】

How to Install Adhesive Tub or Shower Surround Panels

To properly install the new wall panels, you will need smooth, flat edges on the bathtub or shower base. Draw a level line around the three walls at a height marking the top edge of the surround panels. This may vary depending on your kit; most use panels that rise to about 72 to 80 inches above the floor. 【Get Price】

Install a Tub Surround or Shower Surround

With your helper holding the panels in place, mark the location of their top and side lines on the wall. Make sure the panels will be level and plumb. Consult the manufacturer's directions for what tool to use if you need to cut a panel. A sharp utility knife will work in many cases, but some materials may call for a jigsaw. 【Get Price】

Installing a Tub Surround-DIY - YouTube

Here's a DIY Basic on installing a tub surround. This video is part of DIY Basics show SHOW DESCRIPTION :DIY Kits and Basics are short video tips with ... 【Get Price】

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Set the surround panels, locking the corners. If the tops of the panels are within 1/8 in. of each other, tap the high panel down gently with a rubber mallet. Otherwise, rework the tub leveling or shave wall studs to get a more perfect fit. Anchor the panels to the wall with the fasteners specified by the manufacturer. 【Get Price】