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How To Make A DIY Giant Wall Scrabble Game Board

The original Scrabble board is made up of 15 by 15 spaces (220 spaces total) and with 3 1/2-inch Scrabble tiles, the playing area needs to be at least 52 1/2 inches square. I grabbed a 1×12 board and edge-joined it to the plywood, hiding the pocket holes on the back of the plywood. 【Get Price】

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Attach Scrabble tiles to the wall. The best way to attach Scrabble tiles to the wall is using double sided sticky tape. I cut 4 slices of tape and mounted one at each corner of the back of the wood tiles. You’ll work faster by grouping words or phrases together. 【Get Price】

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Hanging Wooden Scrabble Tiles on the Wall. Next, I laid them all out on my floor so I could see how to attach the wooden scrabble tiles together. As far as hanging the scrabble tiles on the wall goes, I glued and stapled a thin board that I had leftover from my shiplap fireplace to the back of the names. 【Get Price】

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With a few magnets and a lot of DIY expertise, this scrabble board looks excellent adorning your wall. It is perfect for a lively literary-themed competition or simply as a decoration. The build is well documented, in the above link, and an abbreviated build log can be found in the galleries below. 【Get Price】

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The overall size of this Scrabble Wall Art project was 24 inches wide x 27 inches high. Of course the size of your project will depend on the size of tiles you use and how many. Special thanks to the JenniferMaker Design Fairy Team, specifically Design Fairy Vicki, for helping me design and make this fun Scrabble Tile Wall Art. 【Get Price】