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Structural Engineering Design Rules of Thumb

Design Rules of Thumb In the early stages of a project, we are often asked how large structural elements will be before we have had a chance to perform the nec-essary computations. We have found the follow-ing rules of thumb to be useful in estimating the approximate depth of a structural member as well 【Get Price】

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As a rule of thumb for estimates of thickness above the span on deflection ratio's should be multiplied by "maximum recommended span"/"actual span") 3. The higher number are given for light loadings (about 1.5 kpa) and the lower numbers for heavy loadings (about 10kpa) Common band beam widths are 1200,1800 and 2400 【Get Price】

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amount of braced wall panels in each braced wall line. Therefore, bracing amounts are dependent on the spacing between parallel braced wall lines (see Figure 1). 【Get Price】

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Braced wall panels shall have gypsum wall board installed on the side of the wall opposite the bracing material. Gypsum wall board shall be not less than 1 / 2 inch (12.7 mm) in thickness and be fastened with nails or screws in accordance with Table R602.3 (1) for exterior sheathing or Table R702.3.5 for interior gypsum wall board. 【Get Price】

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There shall be a braced panel in every 25’0” of a braced wall line, with not less than two braced panels on a braced wall line. The total length of braced wall panels not less than the percentages of the total braced wall line length in Table 1 below: 【Get Price】